Prayers make a Difference

My dad Gerhardt Weichenthal

My dad Gerhardt Weichenthal

“He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured.” Colossians 4:12

Dear friends, you may have heard that my father passed away on August 19th, after suffering a severe stroke. Even though the doctors insisted that more than half his brain was gone, he still hung on for three weeks, and gave us signs that he knew we were there, and that he understood what was going on. My four brothers and sisters flew in from around the country and we began a very long vigil, which was physically and emotionally demanding and draining, but in many ways was amazingly uplifting for my faith.

I know that many friends were praying for my family during this time, and the visits and cards, hugs, and words of love sent our way were heartwarming. Thanks to all who prayed, and lifted my family before the throne of God. Your prayers made a huge difference for us!

Now my father rests in the arms of Jesus, and I am so thankful. So glad that God has given us the hope of eternal life, and assurance through his Spirit that we are sealed for the day of our redemption.

Here is a song I wrote, called He’s Lifting Me which I’d like to share. God bless you today!


2 comments on “Prayers make a Difference

  1. What a great encouragement that your father went to be with the Lord and that you and your family were upheld in prayer while you stood vigil at his bedside. Our Lord is so good. God bless you:)


  2. PS. I really liked the song and was encouraged by it. God bless you:)

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