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Love others as God loves you

It is a challenge to love others sacrificially as Jesus loves us. But, it is worth the reward, both here on earth, and when we get to heaven. I pray that you will be an instrument of God’s love and peace today! We’d like to share our song, Your Love Will Never Fail which we […]

God is always with you

There was a time in my life when I thought God had abandoned me. I was devastated, and even angry at God. But He showed me that He was not only there with me, but He was fighting my battles for me. He showed me He is Emmanuel and also my Protector.

God bless you today!

I am working on setting up our new e-store. It’s slow going, but hopefully will be straightforward and functional when I’m finished! What are you working on today? Let me know. I’d like to connect with you if you have a Christian blog. Patty

He is the potter, we are the clay

Dear friends, I write to you this morning thinking about God’s role in our lives. He is our creator, the master builder and planner of our lives, and He is working for our good. He wills to use us for His purposes, to bring all things – all people – under his Lordship. Are you […]